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Your Design + Bootstrap = Awesomeness.

Tommy O., Designer & Art Director

“They nailed it, flawlessly.”

Over the years we have used several coders & services to handle our Responsive PSD to Wordpress template / HTML / CSS conversion work. After some ongoing frustrations with one of our regulars, westumbled across Reliable PSD. Right out of the gate we handed over one of our most complex designs to see what they could do.

Within minutes of submitting our project, Reliable PSD responded with a few basic questions about our project and then they were off & running.A few days later we received a preview of our files and WOW. They nailed it, flawlessly. These guys didn't bombard us with questions & emails or continuously throw the ball back in our court. They took the bull by the horns and tackled this project full-speed ahead...

We are HAPPY CAMPERS and will be submitting our second project immediately. If you want it done right, these are the guys to hire.

Tommy O., Designer & Art Director

Perfect Conversion of Your PSD to Boostrap
(Now Supporting .ai and .indd too!)

Our "3-Layered Quality Assurance" process means the design you hand us is the exact design you'll see when we're done. Here's how it works:

First: The developer(s) working on your site test across multiple browsers and devices. Second: When they're satisfied, they pass it off to a dedicatd tester who repeats the process with "fresh eyes".

Third (Unique to Reliable PSD): When our tester is happy, he passes it off to a designer who compares it to your original PSD, ensuring it's a perfect match.

And if it isn't? She sends it back to the dev team until it is, saving you hassle and making life a little more awesome.

PSD to Wordpress on the Bootstrap Framework

With Reliable PSD, you can have the best of both worlds: Bootstrap and Wordpress.

Get the reliability of Bootstrap's responsive framework and the easy, intuitive editing of Wordpress. Plus, we'll customize your WP dashboard to make it even more user-friendly and awesome.

Amazing Responsive Integration

With our PSD to Bootstrap Responsive service, you have options:

1) Send us designs for every device, and we'll code them to the T.

2) Want to save some time? Just send us your desktop design and we'll take it from there. Many PSD to Bootstrap conversion services offer this, but the problem is, design choices are then left up to developers.

However... Developers aren’t designers. So your mobile version ends up looking pretty "wonky" compared to your desktop one. That's why we have a talented in-house designer give our dev team responsive notes for your design. This ensures your mobile version is just as beautiful and clean as your desktop one.

The choice is yours. As long as you're happy, we're happy.

Feel Free to Go Crazy... With Animations.

Want objects to spin in from the left, fade in from the right, or even do a little dance?

When we convert your PSD to Bootstrap, tell us any JavaScript or JQuery animations you'd like and we'll bring them to life.

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