Reliable PSD| PSD to WordPress (WP), HTML Service Prices

We Price Differently.

There are no “flat rates” or anything set in stone.
Your project is unique and special.

The prices below are approximate. Reach out for a 100% accurate quote!

  • $222

    Home / First

  • $111/ page


  • $40-50/ script


  • $58/ page


  • $270-505+

    as CMS

Our prices are a bit higher than others'. But we still save you a ton of money. Here's how:

Our multi-layered, strict quality assurance process means that when we send you your project... it's either 100% spot on, or extremely darn close.

No more weeks or months spent getting things fixed. No more hours of your life writing long lists of changes. In fact, our clients save an average of $523 (or more) per project with us because of the time they save.

That means your time is finally free to do what you love: design.

Every Quote is a Team Effort

No matter how big or small the project is we have a team meeting to figure out the best way to get the job done. We debate, we discuss, & we don’t stop until we’ve reached the best solution for your needs.

This ensures you get top-notch code with the best practices, every time.

No More Flat Fees

When we worked with PSD to Code conversion services in the past, the flat fees for things like inner pages drove us mad. Inner pages that were very simple got charged the same premium as ones that were extremely complex. That’s why we ditched flat fees altogether.

Instead, we judge your project as a whole. For example, if your project has 8 inner pages that are practically the same, we won’t charge you for 8 separate pages. It just makes sense.

This is Our Life

This isn’t a hobby or something we just “do on the weekends”. This is our life. Design & development are our true passions, & we’d love nothing more than to share that passion with you and give you an amazing experience.

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