Photoshop to WordPress: Why Convert your PSD File Manually
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Photoshop to WordPress: Why Convert your PSD File Manually

by Viktor Solovey

Published on February 24, 2019

A unique, responsive WordPress theme can make or break you site. If you’ve designed your WordPress site in Photoshop, than there are plenty of ways to get it turned into a real life theme. This can be done through software or manually by a computer programmer. It can be tempting to forgo the programmer and just run your Photoshop file through some conversion software instead, but you’ll always be better off with hand coding.

Manual conversion is well worth it

Manual conversion is going to cost more than running your PSD file through automatic conversion software, and the process is also going to take more time, but the end result is of much higher, professional quality. Manual conversion has some innate advantages of any automatic process.


SEO-Friendly Code


Your ranking in the search results will suffer if your code is not optimized for search engines. A real set of human eyes is the only way to keep up with the ever-changing SEO requirements.


Pixel Precision


Manual conversion can take any design, no matter how detailed or asymmetrical, and make it show up perfectly on your WordPress site. You won’t have to worry that you design might not translate perfectly, or design with limitations in mind.




When conversion software delivers code, it’s rarely functional on all platforms. A professional web developer can ensure your site loads smoothly on all major internet browsers, and that it adapts perfectly to smaller mobile screens.




Code that’s been written by hand is much easier to add to or alter later on if the need arises. Automated code is usually very difficult to tamper with after the fact (and hiring someone to do so can get expensive).


W3C Validation


Even functional automated code is usually full of small errors. These mistakes will often cost a website its W3C validation, making the site seem untrustworthy. A manual converter will catch the majority of errors and ensure your site is validated.

If you’ve been designing in Photoshop and need to begin the conversion process, Reliable PSD can make your experience hassle-free and deliver an impeccable theme!

This post was last updated on June 22, 2020

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