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Everything we need to start your PSD to HTML or WordPress project

by Viktor Solovey

We put together a checklist for you of everything we need to get started on your PSD / Sketch to HTML or PSD / Sketch to wordpress project.

We always need

1. PSDs

First thing’s first, we need your PSDs! You can send them over in a variety of ways: dropbox link, dropbox invitation, hightail, etc. Whatever works for you.

PSDs for your PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress Project

2. Fonts

Along with your PSDs, we also need all the fonts that are used in the project. The only exception is if you are using google fonts.

Fonts for your PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress Project

3. Functionality notes

This is one of the most important parts to ensure a smooth, successful project. If there are any elements of your design where the functionality isn’t totally obvious, if you’d like hover effects, link colors, certain WP functions, etc. please let us know as clearly as possible! Some good examples of functionality notes can be found in this post.

Page notes for your PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress Project

Depending on your project we need

4. Retina PSDs (Optional)

If you’d like retina implementation, we recommend working on your files at twice the size from the start. Alternatively, you can just make sure all your elements and shapes are created using the vector tools in photoshop.

Retina PSDs for your PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress Project

5. Responsive PSDs (Optional)

As you may have read on our website, responsive integration is something we pride ourselves on. Unlike other PSD to HTML companies that leave it to developers to decide how the responsive versions should look, we have graphic designers work hand in hand with our developers to ensure a seamless, beautiful mobile experience.

Having said that, you are certainly always welcome to provide your own responsive PSDs if you’d like, and we’ll match them to a T.

We just need you to provide them at the beginning of the project with your other PSDs as we code desktop and responsive versions in tandem.

Responsive example for your PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress Project

To Complete the Project

6. Hosting info / FTP

For HTML projects you have two options: we can email you the files, or we can upload them to a server for you. If you choose the latter, we need the FTP info for that server.

For WordPress projects most of our clients prefer we set it up on their servers as well:

– If WordPress is already installed on the server: we just need the FTP info & WP login credentials.

– If you’d like us to install WordPress on your server: we need FTP credentials and the details of a mySQL database. Or alternatively you can just give us the login to the hosting company’s cPanel and we’ll take care of it for you!

FTP info for your PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress Project

7. Paypal / payment portal info (Optional)

If your website requires a payment system, we’d need access to the account so that we can gather the info we need to integrate it. Alternatively we can ask you for the specific info we need from the account.

Paypal for your PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress Project

And That’s All!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email at!

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