12 Beautiful Web Design Color Schemes Effortlessly Generated from Real-World Photographs with Adobe Color

by Viktor Solovey

Nature effortlessly pairs colors together that work. So darn well. The different shades of green on a leaf. The browns in wood grain.

As designers, observing and learning from nature, then, is a powerful tool. We can “borrow” its color combinations to inspire our own designs.

Adobe put out a free tool to help you do that: Color. It’s a mobile app as well as website app that generates color schemes automatically from images you upload.

It creates a great starting point to work from, and gives you a wonderful direction to follow to your final color scheme.


Insects Gathering in a Portland, Oregon Forest

001 002

A Rusty Red Truck in San Francisco, California

003 004

Bunches of Peppers in a Seattle, Washington Market


Swiss Alps in the Spring (Switzerland)


Beach in the Fall in Tillamook, Oregon


Swifts Gathering in Portland, Oregon


Fishermen in Howth, Dublin, Ireland


Building in Annecy le Vieux, France


Sunset in Delft, Netherlands


Street in Gensano, Italy


Trolley in Lisbon, Portugal


Cafe Pavlac in Prague, Czech Republic


Photo credits go to: Lou Levit,


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